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Surgeon General's Report On Second Hand Smoke; A Snapshot Of Current Smoking Bans Nationally From The Foundation For A Smokefree America

July 21, 2017

- 15 States have now passed laws banning smoking Statewide, from all bars and restaurants: California, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Montana, Vermont, Washington, New Jersey, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii.

- Two more States, Florida and Idaho, have passed 100% bans in restaurants, but still allow smoking in some bars.

- In 2005, six states enacted 100% bans, more than in any previous year. Already this year, NJ, CO, UT, AR, HI, Washington DC, Guam and Puerto Rico passed 100% bans in restaurants and/or bars.

- Eleven nations have 100% smokefree restaurants and bars, nationwide: Ireland, Italy, England, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Uganda, Malta, Uruguay, Peru, and Bhutan.

Patrick Reynolds, Smokefree America's founder and Executive Director, said today, "Banning smoking is an idea whose time has come. 44.5% of the U.S. population now live with smokefree workplaces, restaurants, or bars. There's a fast rising tide of smoking bans being passed around the nation."

He also cites the fact above.

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The Foundation for a Smokefree America: Anti-smoking Patrick Reynolds' father, R.J. Reynolds, Jr., died in 1964 from emphysema, caused by smoking RJ Reynolds brands. Patrick's eldest brother, R.J. Reynolds III, also died from emphysema caused by smoking in 1994. Mr. Reynolds founded The Foundation for a Smokefree America in 1989. In June, 2006 he released a new DVD for families, "A Talk with Your Kids About Smoking." Also in June, a colorful, multi-generational family biography he coauthored with Tom Shachtman, "The Gilded Leaf: Three Generations of the R.J. Reynolds Family and Fortune," was published by iUniverse.

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