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Royal Society Comment On Death Of Dame Anne McLaren

September 17, 2017

Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society said:

"The death of Anne McLaren is a tragedy and a great loss to science. She was one of the UK's leading scientists -- and none was held in more universal respect and affection. As a ground breaking geneticist she was a leader in discussions of ethical issues relating to embryos and stem cells. Anne will also be deeply missed as a role model for women in science."

"In this she was also a pioneer, being the first woman to be elected as a Vice-President of the Royal Society. During her years as the Royal Society's Foreign Secretary, she travelled widely, especially in Asia and Africa."

"She promoted scientific exchanges, and the wider medical and educational needs of developing countries. She was both idealistic and effective -- and her loss will be deeply felt not only by her fellow researchers, but far more widely."

-- Dame Anne McLaren (Wikipedia)

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