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New Baggage Policy At UK And USA Airports

April 19, 2017

The following arrangements apply to all passengers boarding airplanes and transferring between flights at UK and US airports. Included in this list below, in bold, are details of what prescription drugs, items for your baby, spectacles, and female sanitary items you can carry with you on board:

All baggage is now classed and will be processed as hold baggage. There is no hand baggage. In other words, all baggage will be stored in the plane's hold, including what you intended as hand baggage. This includes all electrical or battery powered items such as computer laptops, mobile (cell) phones, portable music players, remotes, etc.

Your pockets must be empty.

You cannot carry a handbag with you.

The following may be carried with you on board in plastic (ideally transparent) bags:

-- Wallets (pocket size) and purses (pocket size) plus their contents, including credit cards, identity cards, etc.

-- Travel documents you need for your trip, such as passports, visas and tickets.

-- Prescription medication and medical items sufficient and essential for your flight (for example, diabetic kit). No medicines in liquid form are allowed unless it can be verified as authentic (if you have to take a liquid prescription during your trip you will need to prove that it is real and that you need it during your trip - you should have a copy of the prescription with you).

-- Contact lens holders. However, you are not allowed to carry the bottles of contact lens solution on board with you.

-- Spectacles and sunglasses. You are not allowed to carry their cases with you.

-- Baby food, nappies (diapers), wipes, nappy (diaper) disposal bags, creams. If you take baby milk in liquid form on board with you, you will be asked to taste each container with the milk.

-- Female sanitary items, enough for your flight, such as tampons, pads, towels and wipes. Must be unboxed.

-- Tissues and/or hankercheifs. Must be unboxed Everything else must be stored in your hold luggage (bags, suitcases and containers that go into the plane's hold)

Every passenger will be hand-searched. Footwear and everything you carry with you will be x-ray screened.

Only airport-provided wheelchairs are allowed to pass through the screening point.

Pushchairs (strollers, buggies, prams) and walking aids must be x-ray screened

If you are travelling to the USA from the UK, everything you carry with you will be searched again at the boarding gate. Any liquids found in your possession will be removed.

Source: British Airways 'Latest Disruption Update'