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Keeping Pet Goats - British Veterinary Association, UK

May 29, 2017

The BVA Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF) is pleased to launch a new leaflet on goat keeping; the latest in a series information leaflets designed to assist pet owners.

An introduction to goat keeping aims to provide those new to goat keeping with basic guidance to ensure that any goats for which they are responsible remain healthy and happy.

Speaking on behalf of the charity, BVA AWF Chairman and veterinary surgeon, Carl Padgett, said "Goats are curious animals that often enjoy human company and can make friendly and rewarding pets.

The leaflet provides useful advice on the type of facilities you will need, where to find a pet goat and which breed to choose as well as important information on common health problems and details of current legislation relating to goat keeping."

An introduction to goat keeping is now available for download from the BVA AWF website. Veterinary practices can obtain batches of leaflets for the waiting room by ordering online, while members of the public can request individual copies by contacting the BVA AWF directly.


1. For further information please contact the BVA press office

2. This new leaflet is the latest in a series of BVA AWF leaflets designed to assist pet owners - other leaflets include: Pets and poisons - keeping your animals safe, What makes my pet happy, Taking your pets abroad - a guide to diseases encountered abroad and Caring for your ferret.

3. The British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF) is the BVA's own animal welfare charity committed to improving the welfare of all animals through science, education and debate. For further information about the charity please visit bva-awf/

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